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The Plant hunter and The Millennium Seed Bank Project
Thursday 24, April 2008 - BBC
A series of narrated stills showing the progress of Michael Way across Chile as he searches for seeds for the Kew Garden's Wakehurst Place Millennium Seed Bank.
World's oldest tree that took root 10,000 years ago
Friday 18, April 2008 - The Daily Mail
The world's oldest tree has been found - 9,550 years after taking root. The spruce began growing in central Sweden shortly after the Ice Age and is still going strong. Researchers carbon-dated genetic material to suggest it hails from 7,542BC.
A Titan arum's finest hour at Eden
Monday  February 5,  2007 - The Mail
The world's largest and probably smelliest flower is in its final hours of full bloom and pungent odour before it reaches its tallest height and dies
Scientists grow plants from 200-year-old seeds
Wednesday September 20, 2006 - Daily Mail
Seed scientists from the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place, the Royal Botanic Gardens site in West Sussex have planted a few seeds from 32 different species of seeds found in 40 small packets. The seeds were stored in a red leather-bound notebook within files held at The National Archives and collected during a trip to the Cape of Good Hope in 1803....

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Gardeners can slow climate change
Sunday June 11, 2006 - Guardian Unlimited
Britain's gardeners are being asked to open up their borders, lawns and shrubs to help tackle the world's greatest environmental threat...
God's own county
Firday June 2, 2006 - Guardian Unlimited
North Yorkshire has just been voted the most beautiful county in England. It's better than that, says bestselling author GP Taylor - it's paradise on earth... uses cookies. Find out more.