Camellia for Foliage, Flowers, Fruit & Tea

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c) The Liquor/Brew

Desirable: body, bright, brisk, character, colour, muscatel, point, pungent, quality, strength, thick, flavour, full, malty, mature, self-drinking, smokey

Undesirable: baggy, bakey, bitter, brassy, burned, coarse, common, dry, dull, musty, plain, raw, soft, stewed, sweaty, taint, weedy, thin, earthy, empty, fruity, hard, harsh, heavy, lacking, green (this latter referring to black tea only)

A Tregothnan black tea early sample processed by AFP Consultancy showed "quality, brightness and character". A further tasting by Wilson & Smithet detected stalks due to our unselective plucking. In an early tasting of Tregothnan green tea the national media ran stories proclaiming it as 'highly quaffable'!

9)  Herbal Infusions

These are not true teas in the sense that they are not Camellia derived. This is an expanding market and Germany, France and the UK are especially receptive to these alternatives. Rooibos, Honeybush, Manuka and a myriad other infusions are becoming widely available, each with some merits. Most tend to be Southern Hemisphere plants with South Africa prominent among sources. Fruits are increasingly used as flavourings to true tea or an infusions in their own right.

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